Tipaz Ollik (tipazollik) wrote,
Tipaz Ollik

Unfinished ROM Hack pre-pre-pre-alpha-alpha

For the last few months or so I had been working on a ROM hack staring Jiggles the Catgirl, who I have been RPing somewhat on IM/IRC and is also my Gaia Online avatar. But lately I got DSL and made the mistake of tring Second Life, just for lulz, but now I am addicted and haven't been sleeping though I think it's starting to wane. Anyway I was sorta stuck on my hack anyway so I desided to put my whole build directory thingy up for download.

Anyway for everyone who wants it: http://www.lightlink.com/killozap/jigglessmw.rar Roms+ASMs+GFX+blah but I forgot the music. Oh well only like one song inserted anyway. That is my entire build directory actualy. You can use make.bat to apply the asm to it. The "base.smc" includes all levels/music/gfx/ect. but 100% asm free, and I apply asm with make.bat to "out.smc", make.asm loads all the libs, writes rats tags, sets up blocks, ect. Have fun with it. Must of the asm hacks are only half compleate though so bah. (Yes this has full roms because I was too lazy to make IPS patches. If nintendo complains I will change it/take it down. Otherwise sush.)
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