Tipaz Ollik (tipazollik) wrote,
Tipaz Ollik

If you know what we are talking about there is a good chance you have no life too!

[21:13] hentinobaka: moria is with Louie. blah on that.
[21:14] TipazOllik: Moria is with Louie?!?! O_o
[21:14] hentinobaka: she will be.
[21:14] hentinobaka: there are pictures.
[21:14] TipazOllik: You want Louie and Gino together don't ya. XD
[21:15] hentinobaka: everyone does!! (Actually, gino and ian <3)
[21:15] TipazOllik: XD
[21:15] hentinobaka: seriously, there are like a million petitions
[21:15] TipazOllik: Only if Moria ends up with Sam then. XDDDDD
[21:16] hentinobaka: whatever, the girls are all for looks.
[21:16] TipazOllik: >_>
[21:16] hentinobaka: they have nothing going on upstairs. none of them.
[21:16] TipazOllik: Oh wait
[21:16] TipazOllik: I see what you mean
[21:17] TipazOllik: The news lady and Rina aren’t that ditzy
[21:17] hentinobaka: Rina?!
[21:17] hentinobaka: Rina is the dizziest
[21:18] TipazOllik: XD she is cheerful, not ditzy. XD
[21:18] TipazOllik: And obsessed with flowers
[21:19] hentinobaka: shes like..10
[21:19] TipazOllik: Sasha is the dizziest
[21:19] TipazOllik: Yeah, exactly
[21:19] hentinobaka: and all the boys are in love with her. its retarded.
[21:19] TipazOllik: XD
[21:19] TipazOllik: Oh well I donno about that
[21:20] TipazOllik: Rina just acts childish and cute, but not particularly stupid, unlike Sasha. XD
[21:21] TipazOllik: "Do you? I do! Do you? I do! Do you? I do! Do...." XD
[21:21] hentinobaka: I like liam. even if he is a cheating womanizer, hes so cute. <3
[21:22] TipazOllik: XD I think Liam is the dizziest GUY. XD
[21:23] hentinobaka: he is, but I love him.
[21:23] TipazOllik: That’s why he and Sasha go so well together, they are both dumb as bricks and will screw anything that moves. XD
[21:24] hentinobaka: true.
[21:24] TipazOllik: God. We have no lives
[21:27] TipazOllik: This should totally go on my LJ
[21:32] hentinobaka: uh..no.
[21:32] TipazOllik: uh Yes. >:3
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