Tipaz Ollik (tipazollik) wrote,
Tipaz Ollik

AMV Dream

I just had this really weird ass dream, it was about this really messed up song, that was the theme to this really messed up romantic comedy anime or AMV or something. The song was like a salsa-type thing song buy a guy and a girl, and the anime had lots of explosions mechs, catgirls, and random anime stuff. I think I must watch too much anime or something. I am even a big AMV fan. O_o

I remember bits at pieces of the lyrics, and I think it went something like this:

Chorus (girl):

I like some fun so I, wiggle wiggle wiggle,
I like to do dancing, (HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!)
You can not run from my, jiggle jiggle jiggle,
Lets dance together ALL! NIGHT! LONG!


I met this girl who, I could not hide from-um,
Yes she is cute, but she scares me to death,
It is just too much to, handle her kind of fun-fum,
She just leaves me, so out of breath! (or: She acts like she is high, off crystal meth! XD)

She is the type, who wares tiny sexy miniskirts-erts,
Despite the fact that, she is far to young,
I must have been, hit with some kind of curse-erse,
And she is always, pinching my bum!



I met this boy who, is the sweetest guy in sighty-mighty,
Polite and caring, and really hot too,
I just want to glomp him, and snuggle him all nighty-wighty,
Cause he is my wittle snuggle-poo!

And so I chase him, Don't know why he runs so fasty,
But when I catch him, I will pounce him on the spot,
Then I will have him, after all this time at lasty,
Then I will rip off his, clothes cause he is hot!



She is so scary, where is there a place to hide out,
But when I look for one, she is everywhere,
I need some place that, she doesn't know ab-out,
But every where I go, she is already there!

And so she hunts me, every night and every day-ay
Stalking me silently, pouncing me from the back,
I manage to escape and, get the holy heck away-ay,
If I don't do something, I will have a heart attack!
Tags: dreams
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