Tipaz Ollik (tipazollik) wrote,
Tipaz Ollik

The wheels on the bus apparently don't go round and round quite well enough.

[13:24] TipazOllik: Is anyone home?
[13:24] TipazOllik: I am annoyed. >_< The bus system has failed me
[13:25] hentinobaka: why?
[13:25] TipazOllik: Well, the first bus... You remember the wallet mom and dad gave me?
[13:26] hentinobaka: yeah?
[13:26] TipazOllik: I grabbed it by mistake and so didn't have my card or money.
[13:26] TipazOllik: No big deal, I would catch the other bus a hour later.
[13:27] TipazOllik: But that bus made some stupid detour causing me to miss my transfer with 31 apparently. >_>
[13:28] TipazOllik: What the hell? I waited for like a half-hour in the snow before heading on another bus home
[13:28] TipazOllik: but the bus home took me RIGHT THROUGH the place the last bus detoured around. >_<
[13:29] hentinobaka: well..that sucks.
[13:29] TipazOllik: Bah. I tried. >_>
[13:30] TipazOllik: I will just have to go in next week sometime... they don't actually care at all if I don't come in to work as long as I make it up XD
[13:31] TipazOllik: But still it annoys me because I didn't go on Wednesday because I was sick, and I had a appointment Thursday, so I was determined to go today, only surprise surprise.... bah
[13:32] TipazOllik: I am soo mad right now.... So mad I think I will write about it in my livejournal!
[13:33] TipazOllik: That will show um!
[13:33] hentinobaka: sure will! cuz everyone reads it, huh?
[13:34] TipazOllik: don't spoil my dreams ;_;
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