Tipaz Ollik (tipazollik) wrote,
Tipaz Ollik

Game stuff!

The other day I got Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and have been playing it obsessively. They took the two most mind numbingly addictive game series, The Pokemon series and the Mystery(ious) Dungeon series, and stuck them together. I kind of like Shiren and Chocobo's Dungeon 2 a tad better though, because there is much more to them. My brother has played this one a bit more then me, so I will let his words speak for me too.

Also upgraded my PSP firmware and EBOOT loader, so now I can run homebrew AND any all the PSP games currently out. I sort of wish I still had Megaman Powered Up.

And in a side not which has nothing to do with gaming, Someone told me Charles Manson is going to be let out of jail for the weekend soon to finish up "Unfinished Business". Yeah, that's a good one.
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